Sauntering with you in my mind’s space Under the glittering stars embodying your grace We’re two comfortable Happy souls In our own intimate intangible embrace. Amidst the opulent comfort of your smile I stop you abruptly in the middle of the aisle. Your eyes question my uncanny hands Fixing your hairlocks behind your ear, I […]

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Indeed A Hero

From my first cry till his last breath Moulding me, his beautiful progeny Creating a jewel like a Goldsmith Earning my smile, his only money. Going on work selflessly Shedding his sweat endlessly Returning home in the end To dine together with his family. Flaunting his kid, he did swank Showing off as if an […]

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Midnight Thoughts

After midnight, when my mind’s bleak With every painful emotion at it’s peak Am I hallucinating? Or did tears just roll down my cheeks. Life’s not always fair to us, There’s always some spice to it. Running away from all that’s gross, Drowning in despair bit by bit. Maybe this ain’t what we ought to […]

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Life Lessons Learnt

Why do people lie that they’re here for us When they aren’t Fake promises, fake trust Time teaches us many things Even fighting with our lust. Long before written in our creed Time is precious indeed. We must watch, on whom we spend As it may not reverse, my friend. Time and tide waits for […]

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A Chaotic Love Affair

Under the moonlight they kissed for the very first time. They tried to be cosy and that wasn’t any crime. It was blissful and it was the best night they ever had. Look of ecstasy, pleasure of heaven, Enjoyed it with an over pleasant session. Lie down them beautiful souls, counting stars in the endless […]

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