A Chaotic Love Affair

Under the moonlight they kissed for the very first time.

They tried to be cosy and that wasn’t any crime.

It was blissful and it was the best night they ever had.

Look of ecstasy, pleasure of heaven,

Enjoyed it with an over pleasant session.

Lie down them beautiful souls, counting stars in the endless night.

Beautiful night and breath taking nature

Winds singing pleasing melodies for them mere creaturesโ€‹.

With his hand caressing hers

Eyes trying to convey something deep

Totally sink in each other’s company

They finally fall asleep.

Convincing her for something more 

Something deep he wanted to score

But she wants to sleep on his chest 

And wanna avoid it for the rest.

Neither knew about horror ahead

Enemies of love wanted bloodshed

Before could one conquer, the birds fled

Never did return, happily they wed.

Life had some other plans 

Destroyed their dreams which were insane 

They broke the promise they made

Just for one another’s safety in chase.

No matter what life had to show

Love between them stayed strong

Cometh the day, they realise

Them negative thoughts was all, all wrong.

Negativity wasn’t only in their minds 

But now in their attitude & lives 

They were broken, they were destroyed 

Unknown of the future bringing another chase in their lives.

It wasn’t lack of love but friendship

A bit afraid to lose each other

Painful to see the marriage lose its grip

Chains doesn’t hold people together.

They don’t hate each other

But situation doesn’t want them to be together

They want to be with one another

But the soul of love was lost somewhere.

To mend things wasn’t in their hand

What awaited couldn’t be prevented

Staying together they’d secretly demand

But, not brave enough to command.

Bravery wasn’t needed here

It was just their ego

Which killed each other 

Wanting to be together 

But it’s too late to be one another’s.

Both had peaks of which in them,

Ego, the only requirement to destroy

Weaken love & force them succumb

Was it the destiny’s ploy?

Destiny wanted them to be rivalsโ€‹

Ego and misunderstanding were initial arrivalsโ€‹

Trying to clear all the doubts

But the game had started of survival.

Decision one day, they did make

No more of this shun & shame

But separation ain’t any piece of cake

Started finally the break up game.

They didn’t want to separate 

But destiny had some other plans

Can’t take a proper stand

Sadly, they had to conclude this game.

Last time they exchanged glance

None ready to leave one’s presence

Both wanting for last chance

Hugged in an attempt to capture the essence.

They hugged, they kissed 

They tried to be in midst

None want to leave

But they have to, indeed.

Struggling with them tears in eyes

They stood, divorced at last

They could come back from aghast

By kisses and hugs, what is now mere past.

Now they were apart, 

Separate & living life in dark

None of them wanted to cross one another’s path 

Struggle was the last thing left in their cards.

Amidst all the hardships of life

Moved on finally the ex-wife

Man still trying to rebound from the split

Wanting to patch up, but hard to admit.

Woman too wanted the same

But it’s hard to come back

As their life is now all black

Their goals have changed

And moving on is the only track.

Ups and downs are a part of life

Love lies on edge of the knife.

In one another we must believe

Or will be left alone to grieve.

Soon a guy knocked on the door of her heart

He was a handsome devil on her cards

Broken girl got a beautiful chance

To move on & rely on his arms.

The man trying to rearrange his life

Lost hope & got over the ex-wife

Returning to the daily chores

Little he’d expect what awaited him ashore.

Trusting again was quite difficult 

But she was trying to over come

Fear of losing was scaring

As Treacherous was her last ending.

He had other plans for himself

Except for finding his other half

Workplace was enlightened about his loss

People stared at him, as he crossed.

She mend her broken heart

And decided to love him all

Smile was a gesture to tell him 

He is not alone in his journey in his downfall.

Not always you a get second chance

As their hearts were healing further

Ready to bloom the new romance

So close yet far from one another.

It was the friendship they started from

Love wasn’t any far away term

They talk, they laugh

They cry, they fought

They tried being each other’s half.

Enjoyed each other’s company every bit

Unsure if the new partner could fit

Still holding upon, they made their way

No more agony, they’d pray.

He bent on his knees 

& recited those 3 words 

Which meant a lot to her

Magic & love could be sensed at the same time

When they kissed under the blue sky.

Thanking God for the new beginning

Both had a sense of Euphoria running

Meanwhile the ex-hubby shifted

Hoping for another life to be gifted.


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