Life Lessons Learnt

Why do people lie that they’re here for us

When they aren’t

Fake promises, fake trust

Time teaches us many things

Even fighting with our lust.

Long before written in our creed

Time is precious indeed.

We must watch, on whom we spend

As it may not reverse, my friend.

Time and tide waits for none

One cannot reverse the mistakes once done

Never should cry for the lost one

Cherish every moment under the sun.

Crying for the loss of our kith and kin

Might help us get over them

But long time after it has been

No one cares about the precious gem.

What we called the precious gem

Was a mere chapter and nothing else 

For overcoming you need to be strong

Stronger than every silly bond.

You have to be at your strongest

When the whole world seems to fall apart

With oneself, always be honest

Never would you feel weak at heart.

Lies were all around

Honesty was lost from the ground

Tears were formed without a sound

Let us wipe it and wear the crown.

There’s a sacredness in tears

Sharing our sorrow gets people all ears

But nobody cares in the end

The dispute afterall, you’ll have to mend.

Share your sorrows and let people laugh at you

Everybody judges​ you when your day is blue

Let us forget everyone who flew 

Fly to a place where people are true.

Indeed laughing is the best remedy

People those truthful, must prosper

None pleasing than truth & its melody

Lie definitely makes​ one improper.

Laugh to hide your tears

Trust to move away from fear

Let us understand people in a better way

Let us give them a chance to be near.

Fear is a thing experienced worldwide

Must not fright away, should glide

Sometimes one may sound bitter

Giving chances makes you only better.


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