Indeed A Hero

From my first cry till his last breath

Moulding me, his beautiful progeny

Creating a jewel like a Goldsmith

Earning my smile, his only money.

Going on work selflessly

Shedding his sweat endlessly

Returning home in the end

To dine together with his family.

Flaunting​ his kid, he did swank

Showing off as if an army rank

He felt no less than a commander

While putting me up on his shoulder.

All grown up now, still a kid to him

No-one knows​ me any better than him

Now, much more prudent and kind

He reads my face, he reads my mind.

Always smiling like a hero

Always having fun

Never shared his sorrow

So we thought he had none.

But that wasn’t exactly the case

When he sat alone in the night

One could guess it from his face

That something was not right.

Leading his family to happiness

Worrying​ about career of his lad

Making sure I’m​ unable to guess

Such a human being​ is my dad.

Whenever I was about to fall

He stood strong as a wall

Supporting me for every right thing

For smile on my face he had to bring.

Raising me from when I was zero

The man I call dad, is indeed a hero.

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